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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hi everyone, this is my personal reflections about the camp.

1) I learnt:

. teamwork
. punctuality
. responsibility
. determination
. a sense of industry and competency
. a feeling of connectedness to others and society
. a belief in my ability to make decisions
. a stable identity
. confidence
. how to get along with my peers
. look at challenging situations differently and instead of giving up, finding a way around them
. better sportsmanship and listening skills
. how to be on my own without someone with me all the time
. to have more patience and to appreciate the things I have
. leadership
. organization
. make my bed
. keep my stuff clean
. respect
. how to handle pressure
. independence
. decision-making
. social and emotional skills
. character building and values
from all the activities in the camp.

2) All the above pointers helped me:

. bring up my grades in behavior
. made new friends
. gained new skills
. have a better idea of what I am good at

3)If I were to have another chance to try all the activities, I would choose zipline

Please click on the comic to see the full comic

This is because I love to fly and we can race against the air and we can demolish our fear of heights.

4) One thing I would like to change is I must focus on what I am doing and not think about something else. This way, I can accomplish our tasks even more faster.

This is my experience in the orientation camp:

When the trainer told us to be in the dining hall in a specific time, I was in hurry. Due to that, I threw my day pack from the top of the double decker bed. I did not realize that my water bottle was in it. When I came out of the dormitory, I soon noticed my water bottle was leaking.

When I open my bag, half of my bag was full of water! My notebook, my pen and other stuff in it was wet. Luckily, I gave my wallet to miss Seah for her to take care of it. Or then, my wallet too will be wet. So I left my day pack outside the dormitory and hurried to the dining hall with my pair of shorts on my hands. During the activities, the trainer told us to change into our shorts. I quickly when to the toilet to change into my shorts. The I went out with my trackpants on my hand.

After we finished the activities in the Milo pool like the slide and the rafting, we went back to our dormitory to change into our trackpants for the night hike. I soon realized that my trackpants was missing. I ran to miss Seah and told what happened. After having our dinner, Miss Seah and I went to the area near the Milo pond. However, to our dismay, my trackpants was not there!

Miss Seah later comforted me that she would lend me her trackpants. So I was happy I could do the CRC and the rock climbing the next day. All thanks to Miss Seah.